Why Umoinner Buses Are back In the news Again. - Dj Kanji

Why Umoinner Buses Are back In the news Again.

ump_onner_coverTwo years ago,Umoinner Sacco was in the news after one of their buses claimed 13 lives after getting crushed by a train.

This was despite the passengers’ pleas for the driver to stop speeding due to the danger of an oncoming train.Now the Sacco is back in the news after an incident in one of their buses.

umo_inn_3We have heard of people who have been robbed in a matatu and cannot explain how that happened. One moment they are just chilling in a matatu the next moment your laptop disappears mysteriously.

But rarely are this kind of crime captured on camera, this poor lady was drugged in an Umoinner bus but woke up looking dazed and confused, seemingly unaware of where she was and what happened.

This is according to Robert Alai who also shared these photos of the victim in a bid to caution other PSV user



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