Kenyan Singer Longomba Needs Help

Kenyan Singer Longomba Needs Help


The family of one half of the popular Kenyan duo Logombas has set up a go fund me account to aid in raising money to pay for the accumulated hospital bill.

Christian Logomba recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour from his head which was detected after he suffered a seizure on May 18th 2015.

He is currently in recovery after his second successful surgery where 90% of the tumor was removed but he will still have to undergo radiation for 6 or more weeks in order to completely destroy the tumour.

Here is the profile as shared on the Gofundme page;

“On May 18th 2015, Christian Longomba suffered a seizure. The paramedics took him to the hospital. After undergoing many tests over the course of several days, he received a very serious and life threatening diagnosis – Falx and parasagittal meningiomas: it grows from the dural fold, called the falx, which runs between the left and right sides of the brain. Because of the danger of injuring the sinuses, removing a tumor in the falx or parasagittal region is extremely difficult. A grim prognosis added to Christian’s bewildered and devastated outlook. Prior to his diagnosis, Christian had been an active musician leading an award-winning Afro pop group, ‘Longombas’. After receiving his diagnosis, Christian launched into perhaps his most challenging endeavor – starting his journey in the treatment of his brain tumor. It took two long weeks for Christian to start the surgery process.

At the same time, the hospital was  to study the tumor and also was waiting for a specialist due to the mass of the tumor. The nero-surgeons later explained to the family how they had never seen or even removed such a large mass of tumor on the brain. So, they needed time to study and plan on how to safely remove the tumor. After the doctors were ready, they called the family to explain the issues that may take place in a brain surgery and what might happen after the surgery. They explained that the tumor had covered part of his pariental lobe and was mostly on the frontal lobe. Since the surgery was major and intense, it could have been associated with a variety of risks and side-effects which were: Infections, blood clots, permanent neurological deficit, bleeding out on the operating table, seizures, coma, stroke or complete blindness. After the family was notified about the risks, Christian under went his first surgery, on May 29th 2015, which took ten hours long. The surgery was successful, thank you to the Most High.  The family was thankful to the successful procedure and the three amazing neurosurgeons who operated on Christian. Little did the family know, Christian had to undergo another surgery to remove blood clots on the brain, which took 4 hours long. This was a successful surgery as well.

Christian’s journey still continues, after the second surgery, the doctors noted that they were able to safely remove 90% of the tumor and he still needs to go through six weeks or more of radiation in order to completely remove the tumor. Now Christian can’t perform or work even if he wanted to. Being away from home and not being able to work, this tragic journey has left Christian with a huge medical bill. Please, let’s support Christian and his family in this moment of his recovery.

With permission from his family, i Daddy V ( has started this GoFundMe page to help cover the medical and any other expenses and i’m asking for your donation, and support to help him through this tough time… every dollar helps.Thank you.”



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