Ericson Kanji Mangoli well Known as Dj Kanji was born on 10th April in Uganda but later moved to Nairobi Kenya where his Interest in being a Dj begun at an early age of Fourteen while listening to some pioneer Dj’s in the industry that inspired & influenced him.

Dj Kanji also spent a considerable amount of time listening to some international Dj’s while replicating their sound and feel of music to acquire his own way of spinning techniques and he would always do this until he was able to craft his own mixing technique to infiltrated the music industry with his talent.

In 2015 Dj Kanji was nominated as the best Upcoming Dj in the BREAKTHROUGH Category. in Kenya’s STYLUS DJ AWARDS and since then Dj Kanji has developed his creative direction as a full-fledged Dj and remains to be the Dj that everyone has come to love and love his classically, mixing style and creativity among many other talents.

He has also established himself in the entertainment industry as the CEO of his own brand and as one of the best Upcoming Djs in Africa and those who have Listened to his Mix-Tapes or even attended one of his gigs can simply testify.

Dj Kanji has been credited With a musical dominance of playing different genres such as Dance-hall, Reggae, Ragga, Hip-hop, House, Rock, Afro Soul, Old Skull, African hits & many more. However, he would never shy away to play what the crowd wants to hear or anything that can keep the party moving or the listeners tuned in to his shows on Radio or TV.

However, his love for music has taken him through many reflections of genres and musical experiences by meeting new People from different destinations. Book Dj Kanji for your next Event and experience Kanji Musical experience.