Intro to Deejaying

Spin DJ Academy is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to learn to DJ. Whether you want to spin at a club, be the next festival superstar, or just pick up a new hobby, At Spin DJ Academy we teach fundamentals of mixing, blending, and scratching. We will give you the skills you need to start DJing today.

DJ history
Basic music theory & song structure
Ins & outs of equipment (turntables, mixers, speakers, etc.)
Basic scratching & timing
Basic mixing
Software’s Such as ( Virtual dj, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas & Others )
Exposure to new technology (Serato Live, Traktor Scratch Pro, CDJs, mixing consoles, etc.)
Working with our team of all Dj instructors, students will learn the basics of mixing, blending and deejaying Technology.

intensive Beginner

This intensive DJ course is perfect for any beginner interested in becoming a professional DJ.
Combining our introductory and intermediate mixing courses as well as the intermediate-level mixing and blending skills you’ll need to play live.

Basic beat matching
Basic scratching techniques
Music theory & song structure
Equipment set up
Intermediate mixing techniques
Serato fundamentals
How to put together a live set
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